7 late night food joints

7 Late Night Food Joints

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Do you get late night hunger pangs? Are you on the clock for late night flights? If you’re landing in Mumbai, we’ve got the answers to your problems. We have enlisted the 7 late night food joints for you below.

  1. Bademiya
    One of the oldest and most well known late night food joints in Mumbai. You can sit in your car and order food. Their ‘baida’ rolls are detectable and delicious. They’re open till 3:00 am.
    Where: Colaba
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  1. Bachelorr’s
    Looking for late night food joints to fight your late night sweet cravings? Head here for the best juices and their notoriously famous ‘Chili Ice-cream’. Be surprised with the variety of milkshakes too. This place is open till about 1:30 am.
    Where: Marine Drive
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  1. Yalla Yalla
    We all need comfort food once in a while. This is one of those late night food joints  that serves Middle Eastern street food. Their falafel and hummus are hot favourites on their menu. The place is open till 4:00 am.
    Where: Andheri-West
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  1. AndaMental
    Who does not love a breakfast menu at odd hours? Head here after your late night of part with friends and have variations of egg with Maggi or rice. Have an omelette or a fine ‘Sunny side up’. It’s sure to help you recover from your hangover. One of the coolest late night joints in Mumbai for you and your friends. This place is open till 4:00 am.
    Where: Andheri- West
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  1. Mogul Sarai
    They serve a wide variety of delicious North Indian and Chinese Food. If you’re in a mood for a full fledged heavy meal late at night, this is the place to go. Dimly lit ambience and one of the most popular late night joints indeed. This place is open till 5:00 am.
    Where: Bandra-West
Mogul sarai
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  1. Apna Dhaba
    This place has an amazing ambience and relaxed vibe. It has a fabulous North Indian Cuisine. They have a full fledged bar. This is one of those slightly expensive late night joints, but totally worth it. Open till 6:00 am in the morning.
Apna dhaba
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  1. JW Cafe
    If you’ve got a late night flight and you’re landing in Mumbai, this place is in good proximity for you. It’s a 10 minute drive from the airport. This is one of the fanciest late night joints in Mumbai. It’s a 24 hour cafe serving luxurious food and the wait staff is amazing.
    Where: Sahar Road

    JW cafe
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