Bumblebee |The story about the most famous Autobot!

Posted On 25 July 2018 By Toch Feed | 1395 Views

The most beloved character of the Transformers series finally has his own movie! Which will be showcasing a younger bumblebee and the first partner he had!


After 5 movies from the transformers series starting since 2007 and the classic cartoons from 1980s, this franchise can be said to have one of the most consistent fan bases.

This will be the first spin-off / stand-alone series in the transformers franchise! It will be competing with Marvel’s Aquaman whose winner cannot be easily predicted!

The movies are said to be released on 21st December’18, which is less than 5 months away!

This movie is being speculated to be a test for Travis Knight to see how a stand-alone movie would work in the market. If it does well, we could expect to see a couple more of such stand-alone movies featuring some of the most prominent characters in the movie!

Let us wait and see what the future holds in-store for us, but for now check out the Bumblebee trailer down below now!

Let us know who is your favourite Transformer in the comments section below!

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