Heartless – Badshah ft. Aastha Gill | Gurickk G Maan | O.N.E. ALBUM

Posted On 23 August 2018 By Tejaswini solanki | 1330 Views

Finally, India’s Rap King is out with his first album “O.N.E.” releasing the first song, ‘Heartless’ on August 14, 2018. The album is packed with another 16 tracks expected to burst the charts as they release.

The video depicts the struggle and battle that any famous artist needs to face due to criticism that spreads like a wildfire through social media. Heartless shows a 6-year-old girl who wishes to meet Badshah for her last wish as she is fighting the last stage of cancer. The girl waits eagerly for the album O.N.E. to release since 2 years and slowly begins to loses all her hope.

Let’s watch the video and find out if Badshah could make it up to meet the girl because “There is almost always a REAL truth behind the truth we WANT to believe.”

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