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Posted On 23 July 2018 By Amit Mishra | 1328 Views

A trailer you can hardly take your eyes off. The two and a half minute trailer provokes a lot of questions in your mind. Starring Rishi Kapoor, Taapsee Pannu, Ashutosh Rana and Rajat Kapoor in pivotal roles, you can hardly take your eyes off. The trailer has already created a buzz in the market. It tries to show the discrimination faced by Muslims and a usual topic to create controversy about being anti-Hindu.


A bomb blast in the city attracts the cops to Murad Ali Mohammad played by Rishi Kapoor whose son is the prime suspect played by Prateik Babbar. Taapsee Pannu takes charge of the case who is known for playing cop roles in movies. Here she plays the defense lawyer for the family accused of treason.

As a passionate lawyer, she takes responsibility for the family. The movie tries to depict the discrimination faced by the Muslim family and their struggles. Ashutosh Rana is the opposing lawyer and has landed himself a powerful role in the movie.

Whether the movie is a good one or just a good topic of controversy we will have to wait for that. Check out the trailer down below!

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