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Shawn Mendes is never quiet for very long, but apparently, when he has new music he wants to share, he’s more than happy to buck trends and traditional release schedules to unleash his art into the world as frequently as he likes.

The Canadian pop star has dropped his new song “Nervous” just days before he’s slated to see his third full-length arrive, and it sounds familiar…though not exactly like anything the musician has recorded before. “Nervous” appears to borrows heavily from Selena Gomez’s 2017 hit “Bad Liar” when it comes to songwriting structure and melody, but Mendes is able to take things to the next level.

By the end of the cut, the full band has the listener dancing to a surprisingly soulful endeavor. The inspiration for the biggest and most upbeat moments from “Nervous” come from songs much older than Mendes (and perhaps anyone who worked on the project), and while they’ll sound fresh to young fans, there’s a lot of history packed into the new tune.

The singer/songwriter keeps it visually simple as he plugs away at the jam’s escalating guitar riffs. While it initially appears to be a solo effort à la Taylor Swift’s “Delicate,” it’s only a few seconds into Mendes’ round when we see he actually isn’t alone at all. An anonymous pair of friendly hands begins caressing the singer as he serenades along — but rather than embracing the song’s title, his smiling hints that he doesn’t seem to mind. The owner of the hands doesn’t show her face for all but a split second, but even then, the clue is too ambiguous to accurately confirm her identity as she tugs his clothes, runs through his hair and traces all around his face.

The release of “Nervous” is something of a surprise, given the fact that Mendes has already shared quite a bit of music from his upcoming album in the past weeks. The pop singer gifted his fans with new single “Where Were You in the Morning?” just this past Friday (May 18), much to their delight. It’s unusual for an artist to release this much music in such a short span of time!

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